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Things you can do with Wherewhat

Post a Wherewhat

Ever feel like the moment you're living is so epic everyone simply has to see what's up? Just post a Wherewhat and don't let anyone miss out on all the fun!

Pulse of the city!

Check the Pulse of the city

Find out the pulse of venues through a list that lets you see what the places you're most likely interested in are like and who likes to go there. What's interesting about this list is it's customized for you, adapting to your interests to show you only content you actually want to see.

Real-Time pictures and videos

Our media represents information that allows you to know what is a venue like at any given moment so you can take an informed decision about whether it's right for you

A user type for every need

We allow users to be either one of three users types depending on their interests and needs. This way, you can be a Wherewhatter, a venue owner or an event promoter. This simplifies the options the wherewhat App presents to you.

Wherewhat in Action

Frequently Asked Questions

How am I to let my friends and other people in general know where I am and what I’m doing?

Simple! Just a post a WW and add pertinent pictures/videos and even include the friends you’re with. Do this by tapping the center button (the Wherewhat logo) and you’re done. Also, it is important that you understand that we value your privacy, so the post will be as public or as private as you want it to be.

How do you handle privacy in relation to my posts and profile?

Here in Wherewhat, we value your privacy because we understand that your location can be a very intimate detail about your life. Because of this, we procure you with an organized list of privacy options, which you can change to your liking. You can choose to have your posts be totally public, totally private, or a combination of both, or you can choose “ask” to make the decision each time you make a post.

How do I say I’m attending a place in the future?

There are many ways to do this; the simplest way is by holding the center button shortly and choosing “attend”, then just choose the place you’re planning to attend and the moment you plan on doing so. Another way you can say you’re attending a place is by going to a venue or event’s profile and tapping the attend button. Then, just like the first method, you will be able to choose the moment you plan on doing so.

How do I explore what’s happening around me?

You can do this by tapping the second button (represented by a magnifying glass and the word “explore”). The “explore” screen will appear and you’ll be able to see the “hot” venues (where most WWs have been done in the last 2 hours), the “rising” venues (where most people have posted attendings in different upcoming moments), and the “trending” venues (where most WWs have been made in the last 7 days).

What will I see in the “activity” section?

In this section you’ll be able to see the posts people you’ve chosen to follow have made, so if you’re short of “followings” feel free to add some users you’re interested in. You can easily find these users through your phone or facebook contacts by tapping “look for friends to follow”.

What will I see in the “notifications” section?

In this section you will be able to check other users’ interactions with you. For example, you will be able to see when other users start following you or add you to their posts and confirm or deny these requests. You will also be able to notice who has liked your posts.

What will I see in the “profile” section?

This section is intended to let you see and edit your own activity, information, and settings. In the "profile" section, you'll be able to do things like review your posts, see a list of your followings and followers, change your settings, and edit yourprofile. We strongly advise checking out your privacy settings so you can attune them to your liking.

What type of user am I?

In Wherewhat, there are 3 types of users: wherewhatters, venue owners, and event promoters. The majority of users will be wherewhatters who'll be able to post WWs and explore hotspots around them. The second type of users will be venue owners who'll be able to edit their venues and add pertinent information about them. The last type of users will be event promoters who'll be able to create events and add pertinent information about them. All users will start as wherewhatters and will be able to change their type in the "edit profile" section.

As a venue owner, how do I claim/add my business in order to add information and events?

There are two basic ways to do this depending on whether or not the venue exists in the app. If it does exist, you just have to search for it and tap "claim venue" at the bottom of the screen, and we will be contacting you shortly in order to accept your claim. If it doesn't, you can just go to the WW post screen, enter your venue's name, tap "add venue", and add all the information you desire.
Finally, we remind you that in order to add and/or claim venues you must had to have chosen "venue owner" as your type of user (see FAQ #8 for information about this process).

As an event promoter, how do I create an event?

This can be done by visiting your profile, tapping events and then "create event". From there, you can add all the pertinent information you desire about your event

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